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How to eliminate pimples by the use of different herbs?

When the skin cells get clogged or blocked by means of dead cells or sebum, at that point of time pimples occur. There are also many other causes of pimples like puberty, infectious bacteria and many more. Whatever may be the cause for the growth of pimples, but if you are willing to eliminate the pimples from the root, then you must use different useful herbs which are highly useful in eliminating the pimples on a permanent basis without any side-effects. How to get rid of pimples using herbs? If you want to know the answer of this question, then you either need to make thorough online research or else can make an approach to herbal medicine practitioner.

How to get rid of pimples using herbsVarious herbal means of eliminating pimples

•    Mint leaves: Fresh mint-leaves are regarded as one of the most useful herbs that are required for treating the pimples effectively. You must grind these leaves properly and must create a fine paste from the same by combining both turmeric powder and lemon juice. You must apply this paste directly on the affected area and after some time you must wash the same with plain water.  You can also use this paste as face pack. The turmeric powder’s antibacterial properties are highly useful in removing the pimples from the roots.

•    Tomato juice: If you are having dry-skin pimples, then in that tomato juice will be the most effective one and you need to apply the same with the help of a cotton-ball. You can also directly apply the tomato slices on your pimples. You must put the tomatoes in a freezer and must apply the chilled tomato slices so that you can rub the same properly over your pimples as that will help you to get fastest results.

•    A mixture of garlic, honey and yogurt: You can also prepare a paste from yogurt, honey and garlic and can apply the paste on the affected area for gaining quickest results. Keep the concerned paste for at least 30 minutes and then wash off your face with plain water. You might experience a bit of tingling sensation on your face while having the pack on your face, but that is not injurious to your skin. You must wash your face after the paste has completely dried up otherwise you will not be able to get the desirable outputs.  The ginger’s acidity effects are quite useful in this regard and you can get rid of both pimples and pimple marks.

•    Sandalwood and rose water paste: You can also create a paste with rosewater and sandalwood powder and can apply the same on your pimples. This is the commonest method of all and this is getting practiced since years. In fact, this paste is highly useful in improving the skin quality and you can get an outstanding glow on your skin.

•    Apple juice and honey: The combination of honey and apple juice is also quite effective in this regard and so you can also apply the same.


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